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Apple hires Unisys to provide assistance to companies and government agencies that use its gadgets

Gene Zapfel, manager of Unisys, said in an interview Bloomberg that your company was hired by Apple to provide maintenance and other services to companies and government agencies that adopt your gadgets.

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This contracting would be part of a strategy to expand Ma's customer list to something beyond the typical consumer profile, invading the flank of land historically dominated by PCs and BlackBerries. "Most of these organizations are still largely founded on PCs," said Zapfel. "Apple is going to open up a loophole and customers are going to start buying a lot more." Details of the deal have not been revealed, but Unisys 'job would be to ensure that Apple products work well with corporate customers' computers and systems.

Brian Marshall of Gleacher & Co. believes that the iPhone's ?Halo Effect? will generate a rise in Mac adoption similar to what has occurred among consumers with regard to the iPod. According to the analyst, NASDAQ: AAPL (which closed the day up slightly by 0.45%, quoted at $ 308.84) is a recommended purchase.