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Amazing: new MacBook Air does not come with Flash Player plugin pre-installed

It has flash, but it does not have Flash. Yes, Apple incorporated solid state NAND memories in its newest notebooks in order to provide more performance and save energy consumption, but for some reason it is no longer leaving the Adobe Flash Player plugin pre-installed on the machines.

The discovery was made by Engadget:

MacBook Air without Flash

Of course we are talking about a Mac like any other here, that is, all users will be able to go to the Adobe website, download and install the plugin immediately after purchasing the machine. But the simple fact that it does not come more pre-installed, after years in this way, is quite significant.

Here are some potential explanations:

  1. The plug-in would contribute to the MacBook Air not reaching the seven hours of autonomy promised by Apple. "Install at your own risk, but don't blame us if the battery lasts half the time."
  2. This would already be a preliminary sign that Mac OS X will become even more and more like iOS / iPad, as promised for Lion.
  3. The trainee in charge of installing Flash Player on Mac OS X forgot to do so and has already been Stevado.
  4. Apple is declaring Adobe war.

And, what are your bets?