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The sad reality: shareholders call for more diversity at Apple's top summit, but company dislikes initiative

We all know well how proud Apple is to show the world as an inclusive company, which employs people of all genders, ethnicities, religions and sexual preferences without distinction and improves its diversity indexes every year. However, in a hard blow to the cold and sad reality of the world, we see that utopia cupertinian it has serious flaws when we analyze the thing more carefully.

Apple Leaders

According to this report by The Verge, things are definitely not so beautiful when we talk about the highest positions at Ma, like those who make up the company's board of directors. According to the story, a group of Apple shareholders led by investor Tony Maldonado filed a formal proposal for the company to "adopt an accelerated recruitment policy to increase the diversity of its senior management and board of directors".

If the proposal were approved, Apple would have to prioritize diversity in choosing people to occupy its highest positions; nevertheless, the way in which this initiative would be applied would be left to Ma herself. However, we don't even have to go that far: the proposal was rejected by the company itself. Apple sent a note to its shareholders recommending that they vote against the proposal, arguing that it already does significant work in promoting diversity within the company and "has made important progress in the task of attracting more underrepresented women and minorities".

Maldonado then spoke to the The Verge:

Some of the excuses given by Apple and others who don't have enough people to be replaced, this and that. Sorry for the verbiage, but that's silly.

This is not the first time that the investor has made an attempt to promote diversity to the highest positions at Ma: he has already submitted a similar proposal in 2015, being equally disgusted however, Maldonado received 5.1% support from the shareholders' table, which allowed that he repeat the request this year. Now, if you want to reiterate the initiative next year, having to get support from more than 6% of investors.

Personally, I say: I hope he succeeds. Nobody here is talking about forcing the hiring of women or individuals belonging to minorities indistinctly the idea yet, obviously, prioritizing the greatest talents to occupy the main seats of Apple. The problem goes much further down: as much as we have progressed as a whole in recent decades, prejudice is still subtle in the corporate world, especially in the upper layers.

The fact that Apple's board of directors is basically made up of white men proves this in that these people are not extremely talented and able, but it is past time to recognize that other groups can also play important roles as dexterously, and should be considered when filling an important position. The objective this: recognition and opportunity. To that, I would say, no one will object.