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Spanish police arrest gang that stole iPhones in Madrid in a surprising way!

This is for those who have a mutt complex and think that bad / absurd things only happen in Brazil. Ready? Let's go!

Spanish police this week arrested ten thieves who were part of a gang that repeatedly robbed an Apple store to steal iPhones. Ok, robberies, robberies, thefts none of this legal; on the other hand, something that * unfortunately * happens constantly in any part of the world. What surprised this time was how the thieves acted.

Believe it or not, but the miscreants chewed the security cables that attached iPhones to product demonstration tables at the Apple store! ?

Thief chewing on security cable that holds iPhone

Apparently, in two months acting in the same store, the group (which includes eight minors) stole 24 devices, generating a loss of 23 thousand (~ R $ 74.4 thousand). The Apple store in question was not identified, but the newspaper THE WORLD bet (Google Translate) on the beautiful Apple Puerta del Sol.

According to the police, the investigation began at the end of last year after Apple employees noticed an increase in iPhones disappearing. The thefts themselves happened as follows: several members of the group entered the store in a ?joint, planned and distributed? manner, spreading out to make things difficult for employees when the alert went off.

One of them, then, was in charge of biting and chewing the security line until it was weak enough to be broken. After that, the iPhone was then passed on to one of the thieves who quickly took it out of the store. Since the gang was made up of humans and not invisible mutants, all of this, of course, was recorded on security cameras.

Fortunately all ten members of the gang were captured after the police identified one of them trying to sell a stolen iPhone for 900 (about R $ 2,910). The two adults in the gang are now prohibited from approaching (at least 100 meters) the store.

(via AppleInsider)