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Several models of Apple Watches are sold out in the USA; new bracelets on the way?

THE Apple Watch Series 2 was launched in September 2016, but Apple took a while to regularize inventories to the point of fully meeting the demand for the watch more precisely earlier this year. Looking superficially at this scenario, I even thought it might be some kind of problem in the production of the Apple Watch Series 2 given the lack of timepieces available on the market, but everything indicates that the current generation of Ma's watch is really selling well.

Because now some models are no longer available for immediate purchase, with slightly longer delivery times? Many may not remember it, but we saw it happening with the first generation watch as well. And the reason, at least at that time, was the introduction of a new collection / colors of bracelets for the watch.

Today, according to our research, several models are sold out in the American online store. Yes, sold out, with no option to buy, we can't even buy to receive in a few weeks. Check out:

  • Silver aluminum case with pearl nylon weave bracelet (38mm)
  • Aluminum gold case with yellow / light gray nylon weave bracelet
  • Golden aluminum case with coffee / caramel nylon weave bracelet
  • Aluminum rose gold color box with space orange / gray-coal woven nylon bracelet
  • Space-gray aluminum case with black nylon weave bracelet (38mm and 42mm)
  • Stainless steel case with brown bracelet and classic clasp (38mm and 42mm)
  • Stainless steel case with midnight blue bracelet and modern clasp
  • Stainless steel case with midnight blue leather strap
  • Stainless steel case with link bracelet (38mm)
  • Space-black stainless steel case with space-black link bracelet (38mm)
  • Stainless steel case with rose Jaipur bracelet in Epsom leather (Apple Watch Herms)

In Brazil, stocks do not match those in the USA here, for example, there is no exhausted model; at most we have a slightly longer delivery time. However, for this type of analysis, even more considering a product with so many variables, the best thermometer even in the American market.

Speaking specifically of bracelets, things change a little. Only the following models are properly sold out:

  • Ocean blue bracelet with classic clasp for 38mm and 42mm case
  • Midnight blue bracelet with classic clasp for 38mm case
  • Black bracelet with modern clasp for 38mm case (small and medium)
  • Some Herms models

Overall, the number of sold-out watches and spare bracelets is still much smaller than we saw last year, just before the new bracelet models were released. Interestingly, the watches with nylon bracelets (released in 2016) are the ones that are most sold out if Ma simply discontinues the newest bracelets in the line, changes colors or launches something with a new material?

Still, considering that Apple may adopt the strategy of launching new accessories from time to time to warm up the smartwatch market, these first months of the year would be perfect for something like that.

(via MacRumors)