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REVIEW: Huawei FreeBuds Lite, a more affordable alternative to AirPods

Huawei's Freebuds Lite is inspired by Apple's AirPods with great design and functions, but they differ in sound quality; check out the full review

In its marketing campaigns, Huawei promises that the FreeBuds Lite provides the perfect headset experience true-wireless with impressive sound, high-quality microphones and integrated noise suppressor to improve smartphone communications.

With a design and functions inspired by its competitor Apple AirPods, a Huawei made a bet in an increasingly demanding market for headphones. However, if the FreeBuds Lite are you ready to join this fight? You can see now in this complete analysis.


THE FreeBuds Lite very comfortable and elegant, with the most traditional format of the headphones resting very well in the ears, perfect for daily use. However, the insulation proved to be somewhat flawed, even choosing the larger rubber. It is not something that bothers you a lot when listening to music or that adds a risk of falling into more extreme situations, but the rubber material could be better.

Huawei's Freebuds Lite has a beautiful, minimalist and elegant design inspired by Apple's AirPodsHuawei's FreeBuds Lite has a beautiful construction inspired by Apple's AirPods, minimalist and elegant

Touch controls can be activated on the sides of the headphones, allowing the user to control some basic functions such as play / pause, answer calls and activate the smartphone assistant. It is not possible to configure it for any extra control, limiting the user to ask the assistant to perform the function. In addition, the touch controls are extremely sensitive, an adjustment of the headphones in the ear enough to activate some function by accident.

The accompanying case fits in any pocket and has a slimmer and longer design compared to its competitors. Charging through a cable Micro USB accompanying it in the product box, being possible to check the battery status for a LED on the outside of the case. Overall, it appeared to be very sturdy and with a functional battery – which we will cover later.

The sturdy Freebuds Lite case is very compact and fits in any pocketThe sturdy Freebuds Lite case is very compact and fits in any pocket

Finally, if you like sports, Freebuds Lite be your best friend. The headphones are suitable for more intense workouts and can catch rain and sweat, as they are IPX4 certified.

Sound quality

Headphones true-wireless they stand out for their connectivity and extra functions, but there is no use if the sound, its main feature, is average or bad. If visually the Freebuds Lite It is the height of your competitors, when you put it to your ear, the experience changes – and a lot.

The low frequencies are weak and weightless, which can be caused by the flawed isolation of the rubbers mentioned above. The trebles are shrill and too strong, which makes the headphones sound totally unbalanced.

The sound quality of Freebuds Lite is disappointing, not delivering the minimum required for a headset of this categoryThe sound quality of Freebuds Lite is disappointing, not delivering the minimum required for a headset of this category

The scenario gets worse by increasing the volume: the louder, the more the definition of the music is lost. In an attempt to improve this scenario, I used a 16-band equalizer to try to make a finer adjustment, but the improvement was minimal.

More complex and detailed songs, such as "Daydreaming" and ?Present Tense? of the band Radiohead, lose the brightness of their sounds so peculiar, since the headphones of the Huawei they are not able to reproduce such musical complexities. In such cases, the WF-1000XM3, gives Sony, manages to stand out.

THE FreeBuds Lite it can be categorized as mid-range headphones, having a diffuse and unbalanced sound.

Battery and Connectivity

THE Freebuds Lite has a battery with 3 hours, which is slightly below the average of other headphones true-wireless market, such as Redmi AirDots (4 hours), Galaxy Buds (6 hours) and WF-1000XM3 (about 10 hours). However, what most impresses the capacity of the case of 3 extra refills, totalizing 12 hours of play away from the outlets. The complete charging of the headphones is done in just over 1 hour, an optimal value considering the battery life of the product.

The case has fast charging and reaches 100% in approximately 1 hourThe case has fast charging and reaches 100% in approximately 1 hour

The connection of Freebuds Lite still brings the verse Bluetooth 4.2, which lower most of the headphones true-wireless that already bring version 5.0 of the technology, like the Redmi AirDots gives Xiaomi. Because of this, the connection kinda fails to be far from the smartphone, but nothing that gets in the way of the experience as a whole.


THE FreeBuds Lite shines with your microphones. The technology of noise suppression is present here, which makes the quality of calls and voice recordings incredible in quieter environments. In outdoor and windy locations, technology does not help and, depending on the location, the noise is louder than the user's voice. However, the compression placed in the voice is very soft and not very metallic, standing out from its competitors as the Galaxy Buds gives Samsung.


FreeBuds Lite sold in black and white optionsFreeBuds Lite sold in black and white options

THE Huawei FreeBuds Lite an attempt by Huawei to deliver headphones with premium design and technologies to the consumer at a fairer price. However, it fails to deliver a sound quality equal to a product that costs R $ 799.00.

Wireless headphones from Huawei has several points to improve in a possible new edition of gadget, and winning over the ears of the most enthusiastic music consumers can be a challenge. If you are a fan of the brand and want to stay true to it, the FreeBuds 3 it may be the ideal option, as it comes with intelligent noise cancellation, a more updated processor and longer battery life. However, it is not yet available in Brazil.

THE FreeBuds Lite not sold online and can be found at official kiosks of Huawei in shopping malls in So Paulo, Braslia and Rio de Janeiro.

And you? It has a FreeBuds Lite or liked the headphones Huawei? Leave it in the comments and don't forget to share it with your friends.

Huawei FreeBuds Lite specifications

Model Freebuds Lite
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.2 Profile: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSPCodec: AAC, SBC
Drums Headphones: 3h of autonomyPackage: 3 extra charges12h of autonomy
Sensors Proximity, accelerometer, environment, touch sensor
Dimensions and weight 43.6 x 23.2 x 17.8 mm (Earbud) 80.2 x 33.3 x 28.8 mm (Case)
Colors Black White
Price R $ 799.00
  • Design – 8.5 / 10
  • Construction – 9/10
  • Sound quality – 4/10
  • Microphone – 8/10
  • Extra Funes – 6/10

7.1 / 10

Final considerations and strengths vs. weaknesses

The FreeBuds Lite is a headset with a good finish, but the sound quality is disappointing. The rubbers could isolate external noise with better quality, in addition to the buttons being very sensitive. However, the microphone has a noise suppressor and surprises.


  • Good quality construction;
  • Case design;
  • Case battery;
  • Microphone of excellent quality;
  • Water resistance.


  • Sound quality is not up to your price;
  • Sensitive touch controls;
  • Erasers do not insulate properly;
  • Few extra functions.