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Plagiarism from a forgotten future? WWDC 2017 art has suspicious similarities to a poster from years ago, but it's not that simple …

We are all happy that Apple announced the dates for its next WWDC and of course very sad to have at least R $ 4,898.16 to participate in the flesh and blood of this celebrated event.

However, a particularly inspired aspect came into the spotlight of the technological press and design today after the release of conceptual art from the next Apple developer conference. Take a look:

left, we have the poster of the 2010 edition of Festival of Mlaga, annual cinema event held in the Spanish city. On the right, the conceptual art of WWDC 2017 that you certainly must have already analyzed in depth looking for clues. The similarity is remarkable for not saying suspicion.

Obviously, once the ?affinity? between the two arts was pointed out, the internet wasted no time in accusing Apple of plagiarism and evidently starting yet another long discussion about how Cupertino is no longer able even to make art for an event with a degree of originality. But the story was unfolding and, apparently, not at all: the real reason for the similarity between the invitations could have come from a Christopher Nolan film.

Just to end the meme, the artist of this 2010 piece, Geoff McFetridge, worked on Apple's WWDC 2017 campaign.

To understand the situation, it is necessary to know Geoff McFetridge, artist based in Los Angeles, California. Both arts, from Mlaga Festival and WWDC, refer to your style, as you can see in these works posted on their official website.

Soon after comparing the designs on the internet, the information arrived that McFetridge did indeed work with Apple in developing the invitation for the conference. Then it came to be said that he had also worked for the Mlaga Festival in 2010, which would explain the whole situation and would have made everyone go back to work. But plot twist!

No, McFetridge had nothing to do with the Spanish project; responsible for that poster was the Spanish design agency Barfutura, led by designer Roco Ballesteros, which has nothing to do with Apple's invitation.

@josejacas @finnocentepro It was interesting that I saw that Barfutura worked on this, but (the art of) WWDC (of) Geoff for sure.

@panzer @finnocentepro I'm talking to someone who knows the artist responsible for the 2010 piece. It seems that they were inspired by Geoff's work.

What happens, then? Blizzard designer Jose Jacas spoke to a person close to the creators of the 2010 play, who confirmed that Barfutura was actually inspired by McFetridge's work to create the Mlaga Festival poster. In other words, the 2010 work ?inspired? by the 2017 work. Crazy, n?

Apple didn't comment on the case and probably won't comment, but we can do it right below.