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Light Peak technology could hit the market in early 2011, perhaps equipping new Macs

Apple's adoption of Light Peak technology has long been talked about, even more encouraged now that Steve Jobs has declared that USB 3.0 is not yet ready to equip new Macs. Yesterday, the CNET stated that Intel could put Light Peak on the market in early 2011 well ahead of expectations.

Intel Light Peak

Intel wants to accelerate the implementation of Light Peak as soon as possible, in order not to let USB 3.0 work as it did with its 1.0 and 2.0 versions. That's because the technology starts with symmetrical round-trip speeds, 10Gbps optical (can reach 100Gbps in a decade), detonating the theoretical 4.8Gbps of USB 3.0.

Light Peak has very large ambitions, including becoming the best means of connecting peripherals and computer accessories and can even replace HDMI video outputs.

If Apple does adopt Light Peak immediately after its launch, this much discussed "delay" for adopting USB 3.0 will be more than justified. Another giant that also strongly supports Intel's project is Sony.