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iBooks Store: great books at special prices, for a limited time!

As it does periodically, Apple has a temporary section in the iBooks Store highlighting numerous great books at special prices.

Books on iBooks Store

Enjoy our unmissable selection of books, bestsellers non-fiction, for a limited time. Browse by genre to discover captivating readings from your favorite authors and check the selection regularly to discover more discounted books.

Some names you can find there, just to get an idea: ?The calendar girl: January? (Audrey Carlan), ?Nietzsche for stressed out? (Allan Percy), ?Between now and never? (JA Redmerski), ?Beautiful disaster? (Jamie McGuire), ?Love has no laws? (Camila Moreira), ?I got your number? (Sophie Kinsella) and more.

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Another great opportunity at the iBooks Store to "Fifty Shades of Gray Trilogy" (E L James), who is leaving for only $ 13.

Fifty Shades of Gray Trilogy

Check out the new edition of the book "Fifty Shades Darker" before watching the movie. Among the novelties, a cover inspired by the feature, photos and texts by the author E L James on the backstage of filming, in addition to an excerpt from her next novel. Take advantage of special prices in the first book of the series and in the complete trilogy, for a limited time.

The special ?Fifty Shades Darker? page is here, on the iTunes Store.