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Google should offer free movies with ads soon

Messages found in the source code of the Play Movies app suggests that soon it will be possible to watch the Google catalog for free, but with advertisements

In this quarantine period, many people are taking advantage of the time locked up at home to watch movies and series, and everything indicates that the Google Play Movies soon it should become a new option for those who search for these contents for free.

THE Play Movies currently a part of Google Play (the Google app store) that works as a kind of virtual video store, where you can rent movies to watch during a certain period, or buy them and watch them whenever you feel like.

But, according to a discovery made by the website XDA DevelopersIt is possible that the company will soon allow users to watch films from the free platform – in this case, it would be interrupted by advertisements, making an experience similar to watching on open TV.

The possible novelty was found in the source code of version 4.18.37 of the Play Filmes application, where you can see lines of codes that quote commands such as messages like free with ads (free with ads, in Portuguese), watch free with ads (watch free with ads, in translation to portuguese) and hundreds of movies, just a few ads (hundreds of films, only a few advertisements in free translation).

free movies cdigo source play moviesImage: XDA Developers

Exit to the film industry?

Since the COVID-19 coronavirus forced quarantine in practically all countries of the world, the entertainment industry has suffered a lot – especially when we talk about cinema. Millions of dollars invested in the production of marketing for several works are currently stopped at the production companies and stadiums, since there are no cinemas open for them to debut.

One possible solution pointed to this problem has been streaming. In this period when people are forced to stay indoors, the audience of Netflix grew absurdly, and the company even managed to exceed the Disney in market value in the midst of all this crisis.

Thus, there is a movement that defends that perhaps the best solution to reduce the losses of the film producers and, at the same time, to take advantage of the interest of a population that is largely bored at home and anxious for any news that does not concern pandemic, would be to launch these productions in streaming.

Even so, it is still too early to state that this change in Play Movies can have any relationship with the producers, and most likely even if it is a movement to make its catalog of films available to a larger number of people than the Google he had planned since before the pandemic.

For now, it is not yet possible to know when this news will be officially released, or even if it will be the entire Play Filmes catalog (or just a part of it) that will be made available to watch for free. But, if we go to see the history of other news of this type, this new way of watching movies through the Google store should arrive for us sooner than we think.

Source: XDA Developers, Deseret News, Yahoo Finance