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For the tenth time in a row, Apple is named the most admired company in the world – but Tim Cook does not have the same popularity

It's already getting boring. It was like that in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 and now the story is repeated: the Apple conquered by tenth consecutive time The first place from the list Fortune companies most admired of the world.

Apple campus board in 1 Infinite Loop

The survey, as usual, was carried out with 3,800 figures from the corporate world executives, managers, directors, analysts and industry experts. ?Key aspects of reputation? are taken into account, as the publication classifies itself; among them, innovation, social responsibility, quality of products and services, and personnel management.

This year, Apple was followed in Top 5 per Amazon, Starbucks, Berkshire Hathaway and Disney, respectively. Among Ma's competitors, Alphabet (company me from Google) was in the sixth position falling from the second place won last year, while Microsoft and Facebook tied for ninth place. THE Samsung, in turn, left the Top 50 It is news that must have dropped like a bomb there in Korea.

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On the other hand, not everything is just flowers in the magical kingdom of Cupertino. This year, the Fortune also decided to ask the same universe of respondents which CEOs they considered the most overrated and the most underestimated of the corporate world and, at this point, Apple did not do very well.

Tim Cook's portrait for the Newseum

Your powerful boss Tim Cook led the list of the most overestimated CEOs in the world: 229 of the interviewees pointed out the executive as the one who least deserves the fame and glory he has. They follow the English list, respectively: Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook, 205 votes), Jeffrey Immelt (General Electric, 201), Jamie Dimon (JPMorgan Chase, 128) and Jeff Bezos (Amazon, 93).

On the other hand, on the list of the most underrated CEOs in the world, the head of the old Apple company has shown that he is doing a great job. Satya Nadella, from Microsoft, was identified by 123 respondents as an executive who deserves more credit than he has. Bezos, who also entered the list of overestimated (opinions vary a lot, right?), Was second in the ranking with 109 votes, and the Tesla boss Elon Musk he was also in the list, in fourth place, with 73 votes.

What about, do you agree with the lists?

(via AppleInsider)