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Easily edit your photo metadata with the Metapho app

Here in the , we've already given you some tips on where to store your photos. However, as incredible as the storage service, information such as date, place, etc. (i.e., the so-called metadata) are not correct, the organization of the photos can give you a certain headache.

The big problem is that it?s not so easy to edit the metadata well, at least it wasn?t until the app arrived Metapho.

Metapho app icon

With this app you can easily edit, remove and add information to your photos. Version 2.0, recently released, now makes it possible to edit more than one photo at the same time, adding (or removing) the location and date.

Within the app, there is an option for you to safely remove all metadata just by selecting the option ?Remove Metadata for Privacy?. However, this action is non-destructive and it is possible to restore all data in the same way. Still in the app, you can send photos to any other app without metadata just choose the photo and tap the icon to share, choose the app and select the option ?Share without Metadata?.

Metapho is on the App Store for free to download, but I need to buy a package for $ 3 inside the app to actually edit its metadata.

(via MacStories)