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Apple reportedly changed its policy on iPod immersion indicators

The immersion indicators used (and abused) by Apple in its products serve to point out if any gadget or computer has been in contact with liquids, something that is not covered by its warranty. However, false positives of these pieces of paper have been giving us something to talk about, especially in very humid places.

Internal announcement on immersion indicators - BGR

If this image from an internal Apple statement obtained by BGR is true, it may be that Ma is giving her arm to cheer and recognizing that she has exaggerated the dose of caution. According to the message recorded above, iPods that have activated their immersion indicator at the headphone jack will not be automatically rejected. Before denying free assistance to a device in these conditions, I need the employee to look for other signs of liquid damage.

It was not clear, however, whether the same policy would apply to iPhones. By logic, we hope so.