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When will Apple launch iOS 10 beta 2? This chart can help answer

?Apple, you beautiful, how about iOS 10 beta 2? Cad ?! For God's sake!" Just browse a little through internets to see the people's despair. Many, incidentally, should not even be ?playing? testing beta versions precisely because they are betas! But I am not here to enter this merit and judge people. Do you want to test without understanding what you are getting into? V ahead; just don't complain about the system, that a certain app doesn't work, the battery that doesn't last, ask crazy how it does downgrade, etc. ??

That said, the question remains: when will Apple release the second avalanche of betas from its new operating systems? Only the company itself to respond, of course. What we can do is look back and see how she has behaved in the past. And for that, nothing better than focusing on its main operating system today, iOS.

Graph with all iOS beta versions

The graphic above, created by Will Hains, gives us a good overview of what is coming next. If we look at the X.0 versions, we see that the first beta of iOS 10 is already one of the ones that has been available the longest for developers only after iOS 5.0 and its 18 days of life. Leaving from X.0 and expanding the scope for all versions, the beta 1 that has been in the hands of developers for the longest was the iOS iPhone OS 2.2 (29 days in total).

If you are desperate / anxious about iOS 10 beta 2, it is worth analyzing the graph calmly to see, for example, how many days (on average) each of the betas of the major launches lasted, among other things. ?

(tip from Micael Rodrigues)