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Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo will receive the exhibition “Steve Jobs, the visionary”

A year ago we said that Rio de Janeiro and So Paulo they had everything to receive an exhibition about Steve Jobs sometime in the second half of 2016. With a little delay, behold, the show of Apple co-founder finally arrived in Brazil.

According to the G1, the exhibition "Steve Jobs, the visionary", be over 1,000 square meters, be divided into six areas / moments of Jobs's life (from 1955 to 2011) and have photos, reports, films, personal effects and even parts of the Apple I, Macintosh and iPod without speaking Of course, of all the products in which Jobs had participated.


Such six areas will be: Dreams (Jobs?s work on creating Pixar), Bankruptcy (examples of the moments that didn?t work so well in Jobs?s life, like Apple I and Lisa), Competition (area that portrays his clashes with IBM, Bill Gates, Samsung and even within Apple itself), in addition to Business, Innovation and Spirituality.

In Rio de Janeiro, the exhibition will be held at the Touring Building (at Pier Mau), between March 28 and May 7, with tickets starting at R $ 10; in So Paulo, it will be installed at the Museum of Image and Sound (MIS), between 15 June and 20 August.