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Do you plan to visit Rio de Janeiro soon? Going to the Olympic Games? Then download the RIOgaleão app

O RIOgaleo the gateway for tourists (foreigners or Brazilians) who will go to Rio de Janeiro to attend the Olympic Games 2016. The place has been under construction for some time and recently, some parts have been completed and opened, such as Per Sul, Edifcio Garagem and Terminal 2.

There are 100 thousand square meters with 26 new boarding bridges, three of which have technical specifications to accommodate the largest aircraft in the world, 8 thousand square meters by Dufry with exclusive areas for Rio brands, 6 thousand square meters dedicated to four VIP rooms (which will open until the Olympics), 24 thousand square meters of commercial area (between stores and restaurants, more than 100 new establishments, finally correcting one of the weakest points of the airport), new elevators and conveyors / escalators, revitalization and automation of power systems, as well as a new fully digital sound system.

There are also news coming soon, such as the installation of electronic ports in the areas of boarding and migration. With the BCBP solution (bar-coded boarding pass), automatic postage will be activated through barcode readers of boarding passes (printed or on smartphones). There will also be so-called eGates, electronic ports that will make the automatic reading of the passport and the facial biometrics of the passenger for boarding and disembarking international flights, a new integrated security system with more than a thousand surveillance cameras, a new operations center, etc.

In other words, we are talking about many changes even for Cariocas. With this in mind, the consortium launched a RIOgaleo app to improve the experience of those who frequent or intend to attend the airport.

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With Bluetooth on (thanks to more than 3,000 beacons installed by the airport), the visitor can obtain his own location inside the terminals through the application map, plot routes and navigate to the place he wishes to arrive, receiving information about the route and the estimated time to complete it.

In the Follow Flight option, the user receives real-time notifications about the status of the arrival or departure that he / she wants to track. There is also the possibility to pay for parking directly via iPhone.

The airport map also includes toilets, diapers, elevators and stairs. The app also provides information on the estimated time of arrival and transit on the routes to the airport integrated with Apple's maps, from Google to Waze, weather forecasts and the types of public transport that the visitor can take to leave or arrive at the place. To top it off, there are also customer service features via live chat (available on weekdays, from 7 am to 10 pm).