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Concept shows how a “Dark Mode” of iOS could be in a future iPhone with OLED screen

The rumors that point to the possibility of Apple finally adopting (AM) OLED technology in at least one of the iPhones launched this year are very strong, and next to this rumor there is another one that would explore the benefits of it to save battery: a ?Dark Mode? ("Dark Mode") on iOS.

Vianney le Masne he decided to imagine in practice what it would be like and published the video above, along with an article on Medium with screenshots and details of its concept.

Especially in a black version of the iPhone, as shown in his images, the idea would also provide that famous ?borderless experience?. On OLED screens, black pixels are completely off / off, contributing to energy consumption and generating greater color contrast.

Very cool, but I wonder how that works on iPhones with a white front

(via 9to5Mac)