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Analyst: demand for iPads and MacBooks Air remains high even after “Black Friday”

A few weeks ago, we reported that iPads and MacBooks Air would have been two of Apple's most popular products on sale on "Black Friday", which takes place every year after Thanksgiving Day (Thanksgiving) in the United States. But according to Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros., demand for both remains high so far.

iPad and MacBook Air

In addition to the iPad and MacBook Air, Wu says that sales of iPhones are "higher than expected" due to a steady pace of production at Asian automakers. In the case of iPods, the hottest models would be nanos and touches.

For Apple's fiscal quarter ending this month, the analyst estimates sales of 4.2 million Macs (out of 4 million forecasted before), 6.1 million iPads (out of 5.5 million), 16 million iPhones (out of 15.5 million) and 17 million iPods (out of 16 million).

With that, Wu also raised the target price of Apple shares, from $ 380 to $ 395.

(via Tech Trader Daily | photo: Kazuya Minami, via Flickr)