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According to a rumor, NVIDIA graphics will lose their place in the next Apple notebooks

Now I was afraid: sources of CNET News they are saying that Apple may return to adopt Intel integrated graphics in future generations with Sandy Bridge processors. The rumor indicates that MacBooks 13 inches or less will rely exclusively on Intel's integrated processor and GPU solution, while 15 and 17 inch MacBooks Pro will feature AMD graphics.

Sandy Bridge

And NVIDIA? Nobody knows, nobody saw.

Although Intel promises unicorns and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow regarding the graphical performance of the Sandy Bridge architecture, I will only believe it when I see it repeatedly benchmarks proving that this solution is not a bomb like the integrated graphics of my old white MacBook and that it is superior to NVIDIA technologies.

I don't know, no: I'm suddenly feeling like I'm in a spaceship that will pass through an asteroid belt. All of this because of the fight between NVIDIA and Intel. better this Sandy Bridge be really good, or I will #XingarMuitoNoTwitter.

(via Engadget)