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YouTube Kids, video app for children, is available in Brazil

Anyone who has received visits with a child or needs to take care of one daily knows how much technology is present in the lives of little ones, whether on the computer, TV, tablet or smartphones. The number of times I've heard ?look how smart, you know how to even search for videos on YouTube? is not in the comic!

The fictional Ministry of Health warns: it is not advisable to let children watch the naughty pig Peppa Pig his whole life! ?

If we research, we will see that among the most viewed videos on YouTube are those of children. So Google did not miss the opportunity and launched the YouTube Kids.

YouTube Kids app icon

The application, which can be downloaded for Android and iOS, features children's videos that can be filtered according to the child's age (2 to 8 years). The app is divided into five categories: ?Recommended? (appears after watching some videos), ?Sries? (entire episodes of different programs), ?Music?, ?Learn? and ?Explore?.

Among the settings that adults can adjust is the option of allowing a search bar or not, if you choose not to, only the videos on the homepage (those recommended) will appear; if allowed, the child can search for several terms, including by voice.

Because it is an app aimed at children, content not suitable for minors is blocked. However, it is possible that the child will find something that is not necessarily aimed at his audience (for example, I looked for some YouTubers and appeared normally; although the most famous and ?dirty mouth? did not appear, which is great). In this case, it is possible for the adult to report as inappropriate content, however, do not block the content there, at the time. Like the videos from the original app, it also shows ads from time to time. Although it is a bit annoying to expose your children, the advertisements are not touchable and have no explicit content.

Since it was made available, the app has been downloaded more than 10 million times and, despite its simpler proposal, it is inevitable to compare it with large, more robust children's apps such as the infamous PlayKids, which has differentials such as offline videos, other types content and more.

YouTube Kids was launched in early 2015 by the ladies and gentlemen and only now (late June) has it been launched here in our tropical country. In it, children will be able to enjoy episodes of dubbed drawings and Brazilian productions such as our ?Galinha Pintadinha?, ?Patati Patat?, ?Turma da Mnica?, among others. ?