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We visited the exhibition “Steve Jobs: the visionary”; know what to expect from her

Yesterday, March 27, Priscila and I stopped by Pier Mau (more precisely at Touring Building) to check the exposure closely "Steve Jobs: the visionary". We were very well received by the staff of FullBrand, those responsible for creating and carrying out the exhibition in Brazil (with the help of partners and sponsors, of course).


Going straight to the point: don't wait for a huge exhibition, in such a wide area that you have to dedicate hours and hours to stroll through the entire show.

No. As we said, there are about 1,000m (two floors) divided into six areas / moments of Jobs' life that have photos, press materials (almost 70 magazine covers), films and historical products (about 30 pieces, from the Macintosh to the iPad) which tell a little about the trajectory and the way of thinking of the late co-founder and former Apple CEO.


The division of the exhibition by different perspectives ("Business", "Innovation", "Dream", "Bankruptcy", "Competition" and "Spirituality") is quite interesting. We are talking about a ?path of knowledge? structured by narrative cells that make visitors have a more in-depth experience of Jobs's universe. However, you do not necessarily need to follow the suggested order for the visit.


The use of technology is also present at the exhibition. In addition to a timeline with augmented reality (the dates activate exclusive content for each period, allowing a more complete view of Jobs?s life, something we couldn?t test because everything was still being properly prepared for the opening), visitors can also do the download of the meCult app (soon to be available on the App Store), which gives access to extra content based on its location inside the building (thanks to the use of iBeacons), serves as a guide and has a map of the attractions.


For obvious reasons, Jobs is very attached to Apple. But the career of the executive / entrepreneur is not limited to it, as we well know. And in the perspective of ?Dream?, a little bit of Pixar's history and the company's first animation, ?Toy Story?, also reported visitors also have the opportunity to see 20 shorts developed by the stadium. Already in "Bankruptcy", we have some products including Lisa (one of Apple's commercial failures, but which served as the basis for the creation of the Macintosh). In ?Competio?, the highlights go for both old matches (IBM and Bill Gates) and new ones (Google and Samsung).


Much of the collection belongs to Marco Boglione, founder and president of the BasicNet Group.

There is also an area devoted entirely to personal belongings and photos provided by Ma's genius, Laurene Powell Jobs; another that highlights the numbers of successes created by Jobs (downloads from the iTunes Store, stores opened around the world, units of products already sold, etc.). There are 620kg of collections disposed for about 1,000m, something that is certainly a must for any fan of Ma and one of the geniuses behind her.

Unfortunately we were not able to check everything because the staff was still working hard to get everything ready for the inauguration of the exhibition today, March 28, at 10 o'clock in the morning. But that is still a great excuse to return to the place soon to see the full exhibition. ?

Here is our thanks to the creators of the project for having brought something like this to Brazil before any other country, the exhibition was born in Italy and Brazil is the first country to receive it (and, here, it is much more complete).

Interested, exposure "Steve Jobs, the visionary" remain in Rio de Janeiro (Touring Building, at Pier Mau) from March 28 to May 7; afterwards, she proceed to So Paulo where to be exhibited at the MIS (Museum of Image and Sound), June 15 to August 20. And the best price of entry: only R $ 10 (students pay half, R $ 5)!