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Tim Cook's style in job interviews can be extremely intimidating, according to this story

We are all tired of knowing that Steve Jobs' style at the helm of Apple was, shall we say, quite explosive. Ma's creator and ex-boss was known for his attacks, constant vigilance on employees and total and absolute demand for maximum quality at any time. I imagine, therefore, that having a job interview with Jobs should be one of the most unnerving and desperate experiences that a person could have in life.

But what about your successor? Tim CookAt first glance, a much more thoughtful, calm, methodical figure. However, according to a story shared by Kim Scott, a former employee of Apple and Google who is now promoting his first book, Cook can be as intimidating as Jobs in an interview, although for precisely the opposite reasons.

Tim Cook with WWDC fellows

Prior to his job interview with Cook, Scott was told that the current Apple CEO was extremely quiet and impassive during this procedure, which potentially drove candidates crazy. According to the writer, this is the main characteristic of the executive that frightens the interviewees so much: silence.

So much so that when Cook asked Scott what was the biggest mistake she had made while on Google, she ended up almost putting her hands up.

Despite the warning, I didn't pay enough attention, and started to confess things because he was so silent. I started talking a little more than I should about this or that mistake, things that you shouldn't talk about in a job interview. Then I realized that I was about to tell him things that would probably cost me my seat.

What saved Scott, of all things on earth, was an earthquake. Yes, literally: the instant she realized she was going to lose track of her speech, the floor under her feet began to shake in the Apple building where the interview was being conducted. She then asked why the building was moving in that strange way and everything changed. Cook, in her words, "couldn't resist" and began to proudly explain the engineering feats of that building and how they were basically earthquake proof; proof that what the CEO of Ma is quiet about, he is proud of.

Ultimately, Scott got the job and stayed for a few good years at Apple; Cook, for his part, is now 30 times more excited about explaining Apple Park's engineering feats to candidates.

(via Cult of Mac)