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TeK tip: In quarantine? Surrender to streaming services

Covid-19 is destabilizing many people's lives. In just a few days, people were forced to balance their personal and professional lives under one roof, and to deal with a series of challenges that are not always easy to manage – children at home 24/7, work to do, deadlines to meet, meetings, etc. everything, in a home prison environment.

Regardless of the situation, with or without children and / or teleworking, one thing is certain: you have more free time to do the things you like, namely to catch up on all those series and films that you never managed to see due to lack of time.

Streaming services can be the best friends in quarantine time for kids and kids. You can see the content you like best, when and where you want, without advertising and without interruptions.

We leave some suggestions.

Services like Netflix and HBO provide content for all tastes and ages. For example, you can have the youngest watching an animated film on the living room TV, while carefully following your favorite series on the tablet or smartphone.

This scenario seems perfect, but before subscribing to any streaming service, you should be aware of some details.

  • Most services offer a free trial period of seven, 15 or 30 days. This period can restrict access to some features, such as multiplatform. At the end of the trial period, the service automatically charges the first monthly fee. Therefore, if you do not want to spend money you have to cancel your membership in time.
  • Check that the monthly fee amount is constant. There are promotional campaigns that offer a lower and attractive value, but only for three or six months. After this period, the service starts to charge the actual monthly amount. Make sure you know the membership plan to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • The monthly amount may vary according to the features contracted for various platforms, several users simultaneously accessing, viewing content offline, etc. Before joining a package, check what it includes.
  • Check the cancellation conditions. Can you cancel 24 hours? Can you cancel online? Do you have loyalty? Do you have cancellation costs?

Regardless of the service contracted, the membership process is quite simple and quick. Within a few minutes you can access the content you like best on TV, PC, tablet, console and smartphone.

It is worth stressing that there are alternatives to the examples that we will indicate below, offered by operators or some groups. the case of Nos Play (7.50 euros / ms), exclusively for NOS customers, or Fox Play. Fox Play is a streaming service that allows access to some Fox channel series, such as more recent episodes or full seasons, but not live broadcasts. For those who were unable to watch a series that has already aired on Fox channels, this service could be a good option.