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Technological giants promote hackathon to help companies and producers in fighting coronavirus

The giants of the technological industry continue to embrace initiatives related to combating the pandemic of the coronavirus, in order to mitigate the effects of the virus on people's lives and accelerate the return to normalcy, which seems not to be seen. Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter, as well as other technologies, are contributing resources to help producers create solutions to deal with Covid-19, under the guidance of the World Health Organization.

Interested parties can participate in an online hackathon, through the website of Devpost, the host of the initiative. Examples of technology that can be explored include solutions to support health workers or ways to protect citizens from the most vulnerable populations. Companies can build software on the various themes and challenges proposed. The initiatives are supported by platforms and social networks such as TikTok, Slack, Pinterest, Giphy, and WeChat, as well as those previously mentioned, which are contributing with work tools and resources. There is even a group at Slack dedicated to the initiative.

Regarding the specific themes, those that present themselves as a key challenge in areas where technological innovation can make a difference, even though the participants are free to contribute in other ways: feel free to think outside the box as well. , highlights the organization.

Health is one of the important themes, which includes preventive hygiene behaviors, especially in countries and populations at risk. In this area, it is possible to innovate in the conditions of the workers at the front, as well as create new telemedicine solutions, develop strategies for screening and containment, diagnostics and treatments.

Another theme that can be explored aims to protect vulnerable populations, such as the elderly and those who present diseases that can be aggravated by the coronavirus, in access to their purchases and food. Businesses and people affected by job loss must be protected by creating means of teleworking and online sales.

Social isolation has been an important factor of concern in this pandemic, which is why companies are invited to create new ways of promoting the connection of friends, family or even neighbors to combat isolation. Scanning solutions from local public services are also welcome. And the same applies to education, and the creation of alternative methods of learning, with the introduction of tools for students, teachers and other agents.

And as being closed at home can be desperate for those who are not working, participants are also encouraged to create alternative forms of entertainment. There is a lot of talent confined in their homes that can be exploited.

Companies have until March 30 to submit their projects, which in the same week will be evaluated by a jury. The projects that stand out will be revealed in early April.