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Swing, Polaroid's iPhone app, brings a new concept in moving photos

Apparently people's interest in moving photos has been on the rise since Apple introduced the Live Photos. About a month ago, Google launched Motion Stills, which greatly improves the experience of mobile images on iPhones. Now, the good old Polaroid entering the business, with the application Swing.

Polaroid Swing

Technically speaking, the iPhone app is not exactly a creation of the traditional instant photography company, in fact, its creators, Frederick Blackford and Tommy Stadlen, were inspired by the old machines and licensed the name with the company. Anyway, the spirit vintage Polaroid's fun is felt in the app all the time.

Its operation, divided into three tabs, is quite simple: the center keeps the camera, which takes 60 photos in a row to form clips of one second with the option of applying four filters reminiscent of instant photography; the one on the right shows your profile with your posted images, while the one on the left shows the feed with highlights and news from the users you follow. it's all right Instagram-like, but the cat's jump here as you control the movement of these photos: it can be either by sliding your fingers from side to side or simply swinging the device.

It is also worth noting that the photos can be shared using an embed code. In this case, the mouse cursor acts as a finger to control the movement, as you can experience below:

Pretty cool, huh? Swing is available for free on the App Store. Now I want to see them do it with the printed photos.

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(tip from Ricardo Costa)