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Several Bob Marley-inspired audio products are presented at CES 2011

The CES 2011 pavilion is huge, so there is no shortage of cool products, other crude and some unusual. The House of Marley website, which will be officially opened tomorrow, already features some audio related news that are being launched in Las Vegas, all inspired by the ?King of Reggae?, Bob Marley.

House of Marley - CES 2011

At least four products have already been released: one boombox Rock Roots with iPhone dock (above), an in-ear headphone, a conventional headset and an environmentally friendly speaker with dock for iGadgets.

House of Marley - CES 2011

The profits obtained from the sales of these products will benefit the 1Love Foundation, of the Marley family. Their prices will range from $ 30 to $ 500.

(via Gizmodo, Gearlog)