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Recent updates on the App Store: Logic Pro X, Google apps, Tweetbot 4, Slack and more

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:


Logic Pro X app icon

Stability improvements and bug fixes.

Translate Tab app icon

New look, icon, improvements and several bug fixes.


Google Docs app icon

See titles when scrolling a document.

Google Keep app icon: notes and lists

Notes automatically categorized to easily search your thoughts.

Tweetbot 5 for Twitter app icon

It is now possible to add name between quotes and acronyms for filters in your timeline (for example, ?Game of Thrones? or GOT); YouTube videos, which open the browser, now show a WWW in the corner.

Slack app icon

Code for the team change feature totally redone and improvements in calls (both in quality and in solving problems).

App icon 99 - Private Car and Taxi

Shortcut to register payment within the app on the race setup screen.

Adidas Training by Runtastic app icon

Track your progress with photos (make a series of photos directly from the app to view your own gradual transformation you can also share your progress in photos with your friends to further motivate them); now you can do your training with Results directly from your TV using, Apple TV.

Polymail app icon

Now the landscape view mode on iPads and iPhones Plus mimics the behavior of the app on OS X of selecting the following items after moving a conversation.

Scanner Pro app icon

Copy all text from recognized documents with just one touch.

Sorry, app not found.

Follow your favorite football leagues (Brasileiro Srie A, English Championship, Spanish Championship, Italian Championship, German Championship and Champions League); set up alerts to always be informed about the start of matches for your favorite teams, goal, points and final results; NBA journalism; and easy access to news of matches, teams and players.

Penultimate app icon

Password lock now free for all users!

Sorry, app not found.

More information about in-flight services (find out if the flight has Wi-Fi, power outlets or entertainment before booking); search history (the app now shows your recent searches, from all your devices, as soon as you start typing the airport or city); more filters (now you can filter the booking sites when searching for flights and cars, seeing only the prices of your favorite sites or avoiding the sites you don't want to see); redesigned travel events; and general improvements.

Photo Documents app icon

You can now generate a single photo (ideal for online photo) and adjust the pixel amount to one centimeter.

ICQ app icon - Messaging and Video Chat

Stories (a new practical way to share): your friends will see your photos and videos on a snaps. Each snap it is available for 24 hours before disappearing.

Temple Run 2 app icon

New area Hall of Kings added n Blazing Sands; explore new obstacles and challenges; restoring the meters traveled for players who have lost their progress.

Sorry, app not found.

Enhanced campaign mode, new upgrade system, limited-time tournament, daily races and new management system.

Over: Graphic Design Maker app icon

Three new art collections!