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Recent updates on the App Store: Google apps, Office for iOS, Disqus and more!

See below a selection of some and / or prominent gaming applications that were recently updated in App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:


app icon Google Photos

More compatibility with burst photos, new cropping tool, faster launch of the app and reduced use of battery and cellular data.

Google+ app icon for G Suite

Share recent photos from the top of your stream; see more on small screens with automatic concealment menu and title bars; for users with thousands of photos, the photo selector will be much faster; correction of several bugs and stability improvements.

app icon Microsoft Word

Print your documents in the application of your preference; see the documents that others have recently shared with you and search directly from the Shared and Recent tabs.

Microsoft Excel app icon

Same as the previous one.

Microsoft PowerPoint app icon

Same as the previous one, besides being able to automatically transform your drawings into shapes.

Sorry, app not found.

Authentication on Twitter and Google, of moderation options, support for Markdown, menes and search GIFs, etc.

Vimeo app icon

easiest way to find the films / serials that you bought, rented or signed.

IFood app icon - Order food and market

Improvements on the search address and more security in their payments.

Foursquare City Guide app icon

Easiest way to control your achievements. See the progress that you made with a handy bar at the top of the lists that you have created or follows. The app show many of the places where you've been and how many you still have to visit. You can also hide where you've been to keep things even more organized.

Sorry, app not found.

Find the cheapest fuel for your vehicle; seek stations offering diesel route; new feature available to users Premium; convert instructions and cues realadas the maps, clear overall vision and organized the traffic; Detail Maps enhanced at different zoom levels; updating maps with the latest roads and locations.

Easy app icon, a Cabify app

Choose the destination address on the first screen, search for addresses by name of establishments and compatibility with certain corporate prepaid cards.

app icon TIDAL Music - Streaming

Support Chromecast.

app icon AmpMe - Speaker Booster

New landing page and many general improvements.

app icon Chronicle - Bill Organizer

New colored cones.

app icon Rio 1746

Redesigned layout for the Olympics, notification of changes to the city alert stage and shortcuts to emergency phones.

Tkts app icon

Redesign of TKTS Live, viewing of shows in the list, waiting times of the shows booth shown on the screen and more!

The Simpsons ? Springfield app icon

The heroes return to Springfield to fight evil. But when the plan a threat to the entire city, heroes and villains will be forced to join together to save her! Join classics characters from the Simpsons and their alter egos in the fight against the greatest evil. With new characters, buildings, decorations and more Including a new fighting system. You get together villains and heroes to save the city !?

Peixe Urbano Shopping & Coupons app icon

New coupon screen, faster and with pending coupon information.

app icon

Added the option to log in using Facebook.


Sorry, app not found.

The return of colored cones and other improvements.

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Apple Music on Android

In a related note, the application Apple Music for Android has been updated to version 0.9.11 with some corrections related to reproduction (some tracks that jumped the first two seconds) and issues of reproduction list (albums added to a list of reproduction that appeared in an unexpected order).