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Procreate Pocket is being distributed for free by the Apple Store app, enjoy!

After a brief hiatus, Apple is now back to distributing a free application over the Apple Store. Do not confuse, of course, with the App Store; we're talking about this app here:

Apple Store app icon

Inside the Apple Store, just go to the "Stores" tab and scroll down.

This time, the present Procreate Pocket from Savage Interactive. This is an excellent app for creating artwork on iPhones / iPods touch.

Touch the green button "Download free" and voile, you will be directed to the App Store with a promotional code (promo code) to download it for free.

In the App Store itself, Procreate Pocket usually costs $ 3:

Procreate Pocket app icon

And for those interested, it also has a more complete version for iPad:

Procreate app icon

The offer is valid until July 28th.

(via 9to5Mac)