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Prisma is an app with really different filters, which turns photos into works of art

I've lost count of how many app tips for applying filters / effects to images we gave here on the site, and look, we haven't published anything. But today's tip, quite different.

O Prism, from the Russian Prisma labs, was originally released in mid-June, but this week its version 2.0 full of news arrived and came crashing!

Prisma Photo Editor app icon

There are countless really special filters, which promise to transform photos into works of art such as those created by Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan, Munk and others.

With him, for example, you can transform this into this:

In that, I used a filter called "Heisenberg". ?

As the filters are somewhat sophisticated, the app does not offer preview (preview) in real time and some take a few good seconds to be applied even on an iPhone 6s. But, once loaded, they are saved in memory while you are testing others. By sliding from left to right, over the photo, you can also adjust the intensity of the filter if you want.

Have fun! for free. ?