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Photos: Apple opens beautiful new stores in Germany, China and Miami

Apple today added 3 new stores to its universe of almost 500 worldwide, all obviously already following the new visual identity designed by Jony Ive with the head of Apple Stores, Ms. Angela Ahrendts.

The first and most significant of these, the German one, we showed preliminarily a few weeks ago on Instagram.

Apple Schildergasse

Apple Schildergasse is Ma's 2 store in Cologne (Germany) and 15 in the country, with modern areas of its stores as Forum, Avenues and Boardroom. Apple restored the entire facade of this historic city building and installed a beautiful circular glass stairway inside.

Apple Schildergasse in Germany


Apple Schildergasse in Germany

The opening was lively:

Apple Nanjing

The official photos do not show (we only found this small one on Instagram), but Apple Nanjing has a beautiful glass facade 27 meters long by 9 meters high. Inside, consumers will also find a beautiful side stone staircase with built-in handrails.


Apple Nanjing in China

Apple Brickell City Center

This is perhaps the least special of the three opened today, but it was also very beautiful and there is a new mall in Miami (United States) at the Brickell City Center. the fifth store in the American city.


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Joining the three stores, Apple today gathered 350 employees to welcome thousands of visitors by offering, as always, special opening t-shirts for the first in line.

Apple Brickell City Center has a staff more than 100 people, speakers of nine different languages. Almost half of them speak Spanish.