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Pegatron would already have orders for 10 million CDMA iPhones and 10 million more for the next generation

Many iPhones 4According to DigiTimes, Pegatron Technology would have received orders for 1012 million CDMA iPhones and, more recently, at least 10 million units of the next generation.

With this amount of orders from Apple, Pegatron will need an extra mobilization: the holidays for the Chinese New Year should be canceled, the wages, tripled during the holiday season and the production of iPhones will no longer be exclusive to the facilities in Shanghai, there being mobilization also from the factory in Suzhou, which is normally used for the production of notebooks.

Previous reports have already indicated that the mobilization of Apple suppliers has been large-scale, with the addition of several names to handle orders. The iPhone 5 is expected to exit production lines in May, to be launched in June.

(via Computerworld)