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One guy transplanted an entire jet black iPhone into the red housing and now has a (PRODUCT) RED with a black front

A few days ago, we posted on Instagram a mockup how would the iPhone 7 (PRODUCT) RED with black front and a lot of people obviously liked it.

But to imagine it digitally is "too easy". There are already people making it a reality.

Just yesterday I had seen this video from JerryRigEverything who almost got there, but ended up finishing the job keeping the Incio button (Home) original white with the rest of the front black. For me, it was very rough and worse than the original.

Today, however, Danny Winget showed how to do it:

To achieve the feat, Winget basically had to spend twice the normal price of an iPhone. This is because he removed all the internal components of a shiny black model (jet black) and ?transplanted? them onto the red (PRODUCT) RED housing.

This is all necessary because, as is known, the Touch ID sensor has a secure authentication system linked to the iPhone chip soldered to the logic board. That is, if the person simply buys a black front on a Chinese website, they could even do this process in a simpler and faster way (as shown in JerryRigEverything), but it would lose all the functionality of reading your fingerprint.

That was beautiful, it was. But it is undeniable that it is not worth paying so much for it (unless you have a friend who wants to have a black iPhone with a white front, who knows, maybe a black team fan, hehe), not to mention the boring and delicate work that does all this transplant. and the fact that you lose the original protections in the housing which prevent water from entering. Still, does anyone intend to venture into this?

(via iClarified)