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Next iPod classic can load up to 55,000 songs – that is, if it comes into existence

If you are passionate about the grandpa of iPods, the one with the greatest capacity in Apple's current line, this news may interest you a lot. Toshiba announced the MKxx39GSL series of 1.8-inch HDDs, with capacities of 160GB, 200GB and 220GB, that is, up to 60GB more than today's classic iPods, but with the same size.

iPod classic

They are not exactly fast, at 4,200RPM, but they use a new type of connector, they offer 16MB of buffer and are more efficient than older models, which would mean longer battery life. There is only one problem: if even Macs are going through a transition to abolish the use of HDDs and adopt SSDs as standard, will Apple continue to use this storage technology on an iPod?

Last year the iPod classic won nothing new and in 2009 it just gained more space to make up for the death of the ?Fat classic? a year earlier.

Would three years in a row of very, very poor updates be the sign that, on its 10th anniversary, the iPod that most resembles the first of all will come to an end?

(via 9 to 5 Mac)