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NewerTech announces new stands for iPads and Macs mini

Newer Technology (NewerTech, for the latest) today announced the launch of two new metal alloy stands for iPads and Macs mini. Both are immediately available for purchase and cost $ 25 each.

NuStand Alloy for iPad

NewerTech Stand for iPad

Place the tablet on a small slope that facilitates its use and improves the viewing angle of the screen, allowing the iPad to be positioned both vertically and horizontally. The open design, facilitating access to all ports and buttons of the gadget. The accessory weighs 100g and has an elevation of about 50mm from the table.

NuStand Alloy for Mac mini

NewerTech stand for Mac mini

Very similar to the previous one, it puts the Mac upright, saving space on the table and giving it a customized appearance while facilitating access to all ports and connections. Remember that the stand is only compatible with the latest generation mini Macs, with the current look.

(via Macworld)