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Netbook prices fall in the face of tablet competition

If even Microsoft already admitted that iPads are really cannibalizing netbook sales, it was time for the makers of these little machines to do something. And what is the easiest and most obvious way to try to survive in the market? Lowering prices, of course.

iPad dock with keyboard

According to today's report by DigiTimesSeveral manufacturers and distributors in Taiwan are already reducing netbook prices to try to attract consumers and convince them that they offer a better cost / benefit ratio than an iPad, for example.

One of the differentials that netbooks had for a while was commercial agreements with operators and embedded 3G chips, but even now they are directing their efforts towards smartphones and tablets. In Asia, you can already find netbooks dual-core for prices equivalent to R $ 690.

ASUS and Acer are two of those that already work with new price tables for their netbooks. MSI, for its part, may be leaving this market segment once and for all. Meanwhile, tablets are still booming: they could total 40 million units sold in 2011.

(via Electronist)