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MM Answers: how to optimize the use of reminders with Siri?

Today to continue the MM Answers! ?

The question of the day:

How to optimize the use of reminders with Siri?


Siri is an iOS system tool, introduced to the world in April 2010. The personal assistant uses natural language processing to answer questions, recommend things and perform actions.

Siri on iOS 9 on an iPhone and watchOS2 on an Apple Watch

Since the launch of iOS 9, Siri has received a series of improvements, including the possibility of creating reminders based on your location. this is exactly what we will discuss today.


I always say that the more information your contacts have, the more practical and easy your life will be. In terms of locations, Brazil is experiencing a certain ?abandonment? by the Cupertino firm (see turn-by-turn navigation), but even so, we can use the combo contacts + reminders + Siri to optimize a number of things in our daily lives.

Public transportation information on Apple maps

The idea is to register more frequent locations in your contacts and, for that, we will use the Maps application and not just the address added manually to Contacts.

To add a location to your contact, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Maps app and find the point you want to add, like your home for example. If you're there, touch the northern cone.
  2. Touch the blue ball that marks the location and the arrow to the right.
  3. Touch the ?Add to an existing contact? button.
  4. Select a contact.
  5. Set the location as home, work, etc.
  6. Touch ?OK?.

Reminder by Location

Ask Siri to create a reminder about something you?re seeing in apps like Safari, Mail and Notes. For this task, just tell Siri what you want:

Remember this when I get home.

MacMagazine Reminder

Remind me to call Eduardo Marques when I get in the car.

Reminder to Get in the Car

When you finish the reminder, don't forget to mark it as done! ?

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