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MicroUnity opens another patent infringement lawsuit against Apple and 19 more companies

Do you remember MicroUnity, which sued Apple and 22 other companies in March last year? She is back, and wanting blood! According to the Patently Apple, the company filed a new lawsuit, again alleging a patent infringement related to processor design.

Apple A4 Chip

The patent in question entitled ?Programmable processor with group floating point operations? and would be violated by the following products from Ma: iPhone 3GS / 4, iPod touch of third and fourth generations, iPad and Apple TV of second generation ie iPhone 3GS, all others are equipped with the A4 chip.

In addition to Apple, AT&T, Nokia, Samsung, Verizon, Texas Instruments, HTC, Palm, Google, Qualcomm, Motorola, Samsung, LG and others are also involved.