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Microsoft's new app, captures, records and organizes real objects directly on the iPhone

I don't know about you, but I'm loving this super creative and (pseudo?) Alternative wave of Microsoft. The new creation of The Garage, the team responsible for creating experimental software, some of them really weird within the Redmond giant, now brings us an iPhone app for the curious, called


We have forgotten the very unfortunate name for the Portuguese language (seriously, I only read ?Curse me?). The main function of, basically, is to capture, catalog and organize any type of objects desired by the user. You can manage directly from your iPhone, for example, your collection of action figures, or watches, or sexual objects if you are the millionaire character in a book of dubious quality.

The cat jump here is a code called GrabCut, developed by Microsoft about ten years ago, it is good to note that it serves to identify the object in a photo and discard everything else, leaving only the figure to be registered. Thus, as the development team puts it, "the item is no longer seen simply as a photo and becomes more of a physical thing, even if it is still only a digital representation".

Once all the desired objects have been captured, they can be cataloged, separated into collections, shared with contacts and arranged on a series of shelves and digital pictures on different topics. If the main shelf there reminds you of the schematic times of iOS (and iBooks, specifically), run screaming and beg for help from Jonathan Ive., as it is still in beta, is only available through invitations you can register to wait for an invitation here. Anyway, hopefully it won't take long to reach everyone's hands, because the possibilities seem fun.

(via 9to5Mac)