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Microsoft Announces Skype Meetings App for Group Video Conferencing for Free

A few months ago, we talked about Skype for Business, a version of Skype with special features for its use in companies including support for video conferences in groups of up to 250 people and collaboration in different types of files. Yesterday, Microsoft announced another new version of its famous messenger, called Skype Meetings.

Skype Meetings

Skype Meetings, in a general sense of the word, is a free iteration of the ?for Business? version. It allows video calls in groups of up to 10 people but this number drops to just 3 after 60 days, good to note, as well as collaboration on PowerPoint presentations and file sharing of various types.

One of the most interesting parts is the possibility of joining a conversation simply with a link that is generated by anyone who is already in it, nor does Skype have on the computer (everything can be done through the browser, even). Microsoft says the new version is aimed at small businesses, who do not need such a robust or expensive solution, but benefit from collaboration and group calling features.

Unlike Skype for Business, which requires a subscription to Office 365, Skype Meetings is completely free and only requires an email address to register. Unfortunately, the service at least for now is only available in the United States, but considering Microsoft's ?internationality?, it shouldn't take long to spread around the world.

Skype with better file sharing

On a related note, Microsoft yesterday also announced improvements to its flagship Skype app, especially in the field of file sharing.

From now on it is possible to send files, photos and videos from at 300MB even for contacts that are offline they simply download the file when they enter the application. In addition, it will now be possible to download the same file as many times as you want, on all devices where you are logged in.

The update is now available for Mac, iPhone, iPad and all other platforms.

Skype iPhone app icon

Skype for iPad app icon