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“Little Bubbles” is a relaxed and hypnotic game

It is called in good Portuguese Small Bubbles and it is a match-4 game, in this case, with the objective of coloring four bubbles with the same tone to cancel them. However, this proposal presents a very organic environment, both visually and melodically, being advised to play with headphones for a truly relaxing experience, as if you were in a bathtub playing with the foam.

The objective is to cancel the bubbles of the same color on the board, so you have to fill the different white spaces with the colors that appear in the game area. Whenever four colors are canceled, the adjacent ones are being pushed, so you should not leave unstained bubbles to pass the level.

As the levels progress, the puzzles become more complicated, whether due to the presence of a fish that tends to push the position bubbles with each move, or later, having to make accounts for the primary colors, which are mixed from the origin to others, such as yellow and blue to green, or blue and red to purple.

The game has a pleasant audiovisual atmospheric environment, and the puzzles feature simple controls, but with gradually more complex challenges.

You can download the Android version for free. On iOS the game costs 4.49 euros.