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IPhone owners can now purchase AppleCare + within a year of purchase

It has been more than a year and a half since the information that the AppleCare +, Apple's extended warranty plan for some of its products, would begin to be sold in Brazil; so far, however, we haven't even smelled it.

That said, a news obtained today by MacRumors be a small encouragement for owners of iPhones who want to purchase the service after purchasing the device: from now on, AppleCare + can be contracted until one year after smartphone acquisition; previously, the maximum term was 60 days. With this, effectively, the consumer can choose to extend the warranty of his iPhone at any time while the original factory warranty is in effect.


The change has not yet been officially announced by Apple, but according to the website, it is already in effect in the United States; it is not yet known whether other countries offering AppleCare + are also embracing the new policy or if it will happen in the future. In any case, it is always good to remember that, even though the service is not available for purchase in Brazil, Apple's extended warranty works, yes, in national territory, as we have detailed in this post.

It is also good to make it clear that this new policy applies only to AppleCare + for iPhones. iPads, iPods touch and Apple Watches continue with a maximum term of 60 days, at least for now. Also keep in mind that to purchase Ma's extended warranty after purchasing any of the covered devices, Apple requires an inspection of the device in question; that is, you will need to take your iPhone to an Apple Store with the factory invoice or, if you prefer to buy online, check your serial number and run a remote diagnosis to check the device.

AppleCare + costs $ 99 for the iPhone SE and $ 129 for other smartphone models, adding a one-year warranty on the device (totaling two years of coverage) and offering repairs at special prices: $ 29 for screen damage and $ 99 for others problems. The plan also offers specialized assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by chat or telephone during your lifetime.