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iOS 10 may bring 3D Touch to iPad Pro through Apple Pencil

One of the great new features of the Apple Watch was the Force Touch. Due to the small screen of the watch, the feature extended the possibilities of what can be done by placing more buttons / functions at the disposal of users by pressing the screen with a little more force. Soon after, the 12 ? MacBook and MacBooks Pro also won a trackpad equipped with the technology.

It didn't take long for something like that to hit iPhones. The name changed to 3D Touch, but the concept is exactly the same: press the screen with a little more force to activate features that until then were not possible (or were, but required more steps to be done). The most logical move was to see the technology coming to iPads as well, but that apparently hasn't been possible yet due to the larger screen of the tablets.

However, iOS 10 beta, O iDownloadBlog discovered something very curious: an implementation of 3D Touch on iPads that does not use the pressure of the screen as a trigger for the feature, but the pressure exerted on the Apple Pencil!

As we can see on the video, by pressing the button with a little more force to clear notifications in the Notification Center with Pencil, it is possible to clear all notifications. On the iPhone, this behavior is only possible with the use of 3D Touch. And on the iPad too, only instead of the system taking into account the pressure applied to the screen, it uses the force applied to the pencil as a base.

It is worth mentioning that this behavior * no * was successfully reproduced using fingers, only with Pencil itself. You can even see how the animation behaves on the video according to the pressure that is applied to the pencil!

For now, everything is restricted to this one function: to clear all notifications in the Central. But it is very likely that Apple will extend this feature to more areas of iOS 10 with the use of Pencil now, it would be a waste it does not do this.

Nice balcony from Apple, right? Let's hope that this news is really in the final version of iOS 10 for iPad Pro, after all, there were very few news presented to them in the WWDC 2016 keynote