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In addition to iMacs, MacBooks Pro are also subject to receiving updates soon

Perhaps iMacs are not the only Apple computers that are due to receive updates earlier this year. According to MacRumors, inventories of the 15-inch and 17-inch models of the MacBook Pro have started to decline at several of the company's stores in the United States, and are already experiencing delays of up to two months at online retailers, such as Amazon.

MacBook Pro and iMac

The models with the lowest availability in stock at the locations analyzed are 17 inches, especially those with Core i5 processors. For sale online at the official Apple store in the United States, however, all Proesto MacBooks are available for delivery within 24 hours.

Among the novelties expected in the new MacBooks Pro, new editions of Intel processors and more powerful GPUs are worth mentioning. However, Apple is expected to adopt some of the ultraportable innovations built into the MacBook Air, including the possibility of being configured with solid-state storage and long-life batteries, which would offer Apple's professional notebooks greater wireless autonomy.