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In 2011, Samsung will be Apple's main rival in the notebook market

In the computer market, Apple is a long way from having huge expressiveness, but it certainly isn't the only one working to win market share. In 2010 the segment saw the emergence of other companies with very interesting products, including Samsung, which sold 10 million notebooks in the period and promises to overtake Ma later this year, after having competed with it in a very fierce way.

Samsung Slider PCSamsung Slider PC, notebook that was featured at CES 2011

There is a question as to whether Samsung can even sell more notebooks than Apple, but it is certainly well positioned to do so: unlike Steve Jobs's gang, Sammy is able to produce most of the components needed for its products without having to resort to outsourcing including semiconductors, so much so that it manufactured hardware for Apple for some time. Its ultraportable products caught the eye at CES 2011 and were even highlighted by Microsoft during the fair.

On the other hand, Apple has been living a promising moment in the computer business: in the last quarter alone, it sold 2.9 million MacBooks and may contain some of the Korean company's enthusiasm. However, her hope could sell up to 17 million notebooks in 2011, which would be 60% more than last year.

(via Electronist)