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Hallelujah: it is now possible to pay for the Zona Azul spots in São Paulo with an app!

If you live / visit regularly So Paulo and are not afraid to leave your car on the street, you must have already encountered the ?problem? of having to buy a parking sheet from Blue Zone without a sales outlet nearby. Or, at that moment, he opened his wallet and saw that he was out of cash (kind). And when you think you can solve what you have to do in an hour, you wind up, end up staying three hours and get a fine from a fine? The kind of difficulty you shouldn't have in the middle of 2016.

This has been resolved! This week the CAD (Digital Blue Card) was launched, a way to buy the ?Blue Zone? card by cell phone through the app Estapar – VagaInteligente, which also has other functions for customers of the parking network.

Estapar app icon: Blue Zone and Reserve

The charging method will follow traditional values ??for the time being, that is, R $ 5 per credit (equivalent to one leaflet) or R $ 45 per 10 credits (equivalent to 10 leaves), who knows that the fractional charging system will soon be implemented, as it would be very good!

To buy the credits, it is necessary to register the vehicle. The credit card is automatically registered in the first purchase process and you must use the credits when the vehicle is stopped in a location identified as Zona Azul, directly by cell phone without having to put any identification in the car. To check if the car has activated the Blue Zone credit (or not), transit agents have a device that makes inquiries through the license plate of the vehicle. Just wondering if this works in practice, I hope that when there is no signal, the user will be ?benefited? by the doubt.

Another advantage of the Zona Azul Digital which, if you put credit for an hour and, for some unforeseen event, need to stay longer than that with your car parked on the spot, just recharge it through the app, without having to go back to the car to put another leaf on the panel. This problem happened to me a lot when I was going to run at Ibirapuera Park, for example (I always had to go back to the car to put another leaf).

Among the features, you can set an alarm to notify you that the time is expiring (the settings include warnings 5, 10 and 15 minutes in advance). It is also possible to see the statement of all transactions, such as the purchase of credits, the use of them, etc.

It is very likely that this CAD purchase service will appear in other applications soon, since for other platforms there is even more than one application with the same functionality. The Estapar app also has a reservation for parking spaces in the network's parking lots, location of the vehicle (where you parked), registered as a monthly fee on the network, among other functions related to the company's service.

I already bought some credits and I had no trouble doing that; everything was debited at the time of my credit card. The application itself is not one of the most beautiful I have ever touched, but very functional. For being at the beginning, those involved are excused, but over time I hope that other resources will start to appear, such as using Touch ID and more.

Fortunately, one thing that should decrease considerably with the arrival of the CAD is the illegal trade in leaves, widely practiced by flannels and street vendors. In Ibirapuera, these people are outside approaching all the cars that want to enter the park, selling each sheet for R $ 7 (or more)!

And, will it work?