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Hacker says he found evidence on iTunes that iPhones or iPads will use Qualcomm basebands

Since the revelation of the iPhone CDMA, the possibility of Qualcomm being a supplier of basebands for Apple. The Italian hacker Zibri, however, found files in the current version of iTunes that, according to him, are the definitive proof that iGadgets components of that company.

Qualcomm baseband references on iTunes

The files in question would be partition.mbn and amss.mbn, which would be ?cornerstones of any baseband Qualcomm's. ? It is not yet possible to know which gadgets will have these chips. As we said at the beginning of the post, it is suspected that the CDMA iPhones already make use of them, but it is also possible that the next generations of the smartphone or iPad have these Qualcomm components.

The presence of the files in question in a current version of iTunes, of course, is explained by the fact that it is extremely common for products that have not yet been released to be used internally at Apple so much that this may simply mean that prototypes with baseband Qualcomm's are being tested on Infinite Loop, but will not necessarily hit the market soon.

(via AppleInsider)