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Get friends together and recreate famous movie scenes with the ROLR app

Do you know those absolutely peak moments in certain films where you just can't help yourself and repeat, line by line, everything the actor / actress said just to get a brief taste of the glory of that moment? How ROLR, this very funny practice is advancing on many levels.

ROLR app for iPhone

ROLR is a new application for iPhone (and soon Android) that has exactly that goal: to allow users to recreate famous scenes from a series of classic / popular films. It works like this: you select the scene, choose your role and record your own version with the help of a teleprmpter at the top of the screen. Then comes the coolest part: you can invite your friends or ROLR users around the world to fill in the other roles and produce the complete scene. Finally, of course, you can share your masterpiece inside and outside the app.

One of the minds behind the app is actor Edward Kerr, known for his participation in seaQuest DSV, Casa, Lar and Pretty Little Liars. According to him, ROLR is a way to express and share the love that people have for classic movie moments, and one of his main goals is to integrate influencers from the media, celebrities, film studios and fans. Two other personalities are already participating in the game: actress Steph Barkley and comedian Jamie Costa.

Even before it was launched, the ROLR was already featured in the ?New apps we love? section of the App Store; the developers promise to work with the stadiums to bring more movie scenes over time which is beneficial for everyone: it makes the app more complete and serves as a promotional platform for films.

ROLR is available for free on the App Store and is a lot of fun. It is worth checking!

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(via Cult of Mac)