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Everything indicates that 2011 will not be the year when we will see computers with Light Peak connections

Bad news, for those who were waiting for the debut of Light Peak connections on Macs this year: a statement by Mike Mihalik, senior engineer at LaCie, indicates that the adoption of this new standard is moving at very slow, almost glacial steps. ?Intel has been the driving force behind this technology. What do we know for sure about Light Peak how to write her name ?, Mihalik joked with PC World. "That is what a high-speed interface is capable of supporting almost any protocol for transferring information from point A to B."

Intel Light Peak

Although Apple represented the vanguard in adopting the USB standard, with the iMac, and invested in FireWire even though it was not exactly the most popular standard on the market, it is hard to imagine that the transition to Light Peak will take place while some front of a Renowned company in the business of external HDDs and accessories says that ?development must continue and we need to make a debug before turning that technology into a product ?.

So, if you expect to see Light Peak on Macs (or PCs) in 2011, you might want to leave it alone unless your heart is ready to be bitterly disappointed.

(via Cult of Mac)