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Earning miles by exercising is a reality, thanks to the Move More app

I am able to bet that people who seek to have a healthier lifestyle or want to lose weight at least once in their life have already thought: "Well, burning fat could make money!" For, if you have not studied medicine and become a plastic surgeon (doing lipo) or have a cosmetic clinic, this scenario will really be difficult.

It is not yet possible to ?sell fat?, but the app Move More, which was announced a while ago promising just that and is gaining structure, comes with a very interesting proposal to exchange exercises for Multiplus points which, in turn, serve to exchange for air tickets, electronics, products in general, services, etc.

Heartbit app icon - Points for exercises

For this, Mova Mais works in sync with other exercise apps. For now, the list includes three apps: STRAVA, Runkeeper and Run with Run with Me (Map My Run).

And others, like Nike + Running and Runtastic (just to name two)? According to Fernando Aquino (cofounder and CEO of Mova Mais), ?launch partnerships with players weight helps to attract more players of this type of scope ?. At the moment, Mova Mais already has a base of 245 thousand users and maintains an excellent growth rate, which undoubtedly helps to build this type of expansion.

To give you an idea, the physical activities computed in Mova Mais in just over a year are equivalent, in distance, to 60 trips to and from the Moon! This week, more than 1 million and a half kilometers were covered by the users of the app.

How it works

After connecting Mova Mais with the aforementioned apps, every 10 Mova Mais points are worth 1 Multiplus point. Okay, it seems little, but taking into account that to win you only need to walk, run or ride a bicycle, it seems like a good deal. The more you do, the more you earn.

I will be very attached to this 10: 1 conversion, but for me it is a beautiful way to encourage people to get out of a sedentary lifestyle or start going further in their challenges. An example that this is possible is this humble collaboration of MacMagazine who writes to you. I didn't even run 700 meters; today i participate in marathons and i ran 78km. Why Mova Mais was not released before, huh ?! ?

Like any good application that explores the concept of gamefication, Mova Mais available both on the App Store and on Google Play filled with challenges ranging from 5km to 42km runs, 30km to 600km bike rides, and so on. Keeping a frequency in the exercises, you earn extra points with the combos. See some examples:

To redeem Move More for Multiplus points, you need to have accumulated at least 3,000 points in the app, which, according to the conversion indicated above, equals 300 Multiplus points. These benefits are financed by employers, health plans or sponsors in my modest opinion, let alone people enjoying health, we will have fewer people in hospitals, less professionals missing work due to some disease, that is, that situation where everyone wins.

Move More App

Another way to earn some points is to invite your friends and encourage them to exercise using your code. Taking advantage of the opportunity, what do you think of earning a few points and losing a few pounds using my code? Just use the promo code mmefybkkbt to register and earn points after your first activity.?

Here is an important warning: the system only counts exercises that have GPS data enabled. Without this, it is not possible to analyze the exercise and it is difficult to prove that the activity was actually done. It's okay that you could take the car or something and go around the city, but in addition to the expenses for that, the person would be deceiving himself and missing out on the main benefit of the app: improving his health. ?

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Who here already uses the app? Shall we run or cycle? Comment below what you thought of the proposal and if you will try to earn some points.